New Jersey Will Be Heartwalking this Fall

The American Heart Association is gearing up for our Fall Heart Walk season, creating healthier communities by getting people moving more!  Walking is one of the easiest ways to get active and stay active.  But we’re not just walking, we’re Heartwalking! Join us this Fall at one of five Heart Walks across New Jersey. Each Heart Walk is led by [...]

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Enjoying Summer Produce

In New Jersey, we often pass by farmer’s stands, corn fields, and farms that house delicious fresh Jersey produce! Summer brings an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to grocery stores, farmers’ markets and local gardens. That means more opportunities to add tasty and heart-healthy foods to your everyday meals! The American Heart Association recommends at least 4.5 cups per [...]

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Summer Swimming Safety

There are plenty of things to do when the the temperatures rise and you’re looking to beat the heat! Exercising indoors in the air conditioning, eating a healthy popsicle, and taking a swim are all awesome and heart healthy ways to stay cool in the summer! Whether you’re heading to the Jersey Shore to take a dip in the ocean [...]

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5 Date Ideas for Active Couples

When you meet someone and fall in love, you tend to abandon your own health and fitness goals to make more time for each other.  Between work, friends, family, kids and your own personal hobbies, finding time to have date nights become more of a challenge. Being active as a couple doesn’t mean you need to go to the gym [...]

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Healthy Summer Mocktails!

What’s better than a drink in your hand on the beach? When that drink is actually good for you and doesn’t contain too much added sugar or ingredients that may not be great for your health! It’s easy to make your own mocktails this summer to stay refreshed and healthy. Check out the recipes below and make a pitcher for [...]

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How to Eat Healthy on Vacation

It’s vacation time! Whether you’re relaxing on the beach or adventuring in the mountains, vacations can be wonderful to reset our mindset.  Vacations can also mean lots of temptations to eat unhealthily, especially when you are eating out for every meal.  It’s okay to indulge once in a while but check out our tips to eat healthy on vacation (at [...]

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5 Healthy Ways To Keep Cool This Summer

Sometimes the summer heat can keep us all indoors with the AC turned up high, but summer is the best time to get outside and get active! There are plenty of healthy ways to keep cool this summer that include fruits and veggies, exercise, and de-stressing - all things that are great for your heart and brain health! 1. Swimming [...]

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5 No-Heat Recipes For Summer!

Too hot to cook? We totally get it! Luckily, fruits and veggies are just as good cold as they are warm. There are plenty of ways to get your favorite flavors without turning on the oven, grill, or stove. Try these no-heat healthy recipes that are sure to make your mouth water! This Simple Persian Salad features plenty of fruits [...]

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Protect Your Heart In The Heat!

With a the weather temps spiking, be sure to protect your heart in the heat. High temperatures can be hard on the heart and can put you at risk for suffering heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Doctors recommend using good judgment when it comes to activities outside in the heat, and that you stay hydrated.   During hot weather, it’s important [...]

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American Heart Association and Amerigroup Foundation Donate 500 Infant CPR Kits

Representatives from the American Heart Association and Amerigroup Foundation presented 500 Infant CPR Anytime Kits to Cooper University Healthcare NICU. Front row (left to right) Andrew Crouse and Michelle Crouse, new parents at Cooper; Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones; Linda Wicker RN MSN CCRN, Nurse Educator, Cooper. Back row (left to right) Bill Thompsen, Senior VP Health Strategies, AHA; Tom [...]

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